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Download Thai Movie Fabulous 30 a.k.a 30 Kamlung Jaew (2011)

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This Thai romantic comedy starts with Ja (Patcharapa Chaichue) ending her 31st birthday celebrations drunk and in tears after being dumped by her boyfriend of seven years. The child-like - and much younger - Por (Phuphom Phongpanu) steps in and proceeds to woo her with all the guile of a seven-year-old. Despite heavily relying on cheesiness, Fabulous 30 works because it says out loud the romantic notions we feel but are too afraid to admit in public. It skilfully blends the silly antics of Ja and Por with a serious undertone that in the end, love transcends any relationship ideals that we may hold dear.


  • Movie: Fabulous 30
  • Thai: 30 กำลังแจ๋ว (30 Gum Lung Jaew)
  • Director: Somjing Sirisupab
  • Writer: Somjing Sirisupab
  • Producer: Chantima Leawsirikol, Monlton Arayangkol
  • Release Date: November 3, 2011
  • Runtime: 110 min
  • Distributor: M-39
  • Language: Thai
  • Country: Thailand


    Ja (Patcharapa Chaichue) a beautiful woman has everything a woman is supposed to dream of having; a successful career, a partying lifestyle, and a handsome sweetheart. On her 30th birthday, Ja finds her perfect life changed when her boyfriend wants to halt the relationship. Now, at thirtysomething, Ja accepts a happy single life until a new guy (Phuphom Phongpanu) gets in her life and he's 7 years younger than her.

Additional Cast Members:
  • Warinda Dumrongpol - Yai
  • Aornarnitch Peerachakachonpat - Ouan
  • Sasipint Siriwanij - Yui
  • Benjawan Peantumdee - Zee
  • Aorada Arayawuthi - Gift
  • Nutthapong Pibolthanakred - Tong 

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